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The proceeds from "Wardie's Way" are divided between two countries; Belgium (where Nigel lives) and the UK (where Nigel is originally from).


The Belgian beneficiaries are:

Ghent Children's Hospital (Paediatric Oncology Ward)

BSPHO (Belgian Society of Paediatric Haematology Oncology), based in Ghent, Belgium.









The UK beneficiary is:

NECCR (North of England Childrens' Cancer Research),

based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England.

Registered Charity No. 510339




"Wardie's Way" was set-up in October 2014 with a simple idea; to raise as much money as possible to go towards research into children's  cancers.


The time-scale for raising the funds was set by the age of the founder - Nigel Ward (pictured below) - as he would be celebrating his 50th birthday in March 2016, and so wanted to raise funds in (and around) his 50th year!

The only question was "how" to raise the funds ... and this has remained an open, yet rewarding, challenge ever since!


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